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Silk sleeping caps restore the health of your hair by protecting your hair from abrasive, damaging cotton pillows.

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Start sleeping silky and fall in love with the benefits.

Every night we toss and turn against abrasive, absorbent cotton pillowcases. This results in bed hair, split ends, and frizz. So unfortunately, it’s pretty hard to grow healthy luscious hair when your beauty sleep isn’t so beautifying.

Inspired by the tradition of hair wrapping, silk sleeping caps protect your hair in a soft silk cocoon while you sleep.

All you have to do is sleep!

Say hello to:

✓ No frizz or bed head.

✓ No more split ends.

✓ Natural hair oil dispersion from roots to tips, reducing oil build up at the roots and nourishing dry ends.

✓ Baby hair protection and growth encouragement.

Weight 0.11 kg
Dimensions 23 × 33 × 5 cm
Size SM / ML

Sizing & Care

Silk sleeping cap sizing:

Please see the ‘How to choose a silk cap size” FAQ for a video representation of the sizing.

S/M: Will suit you if you have a small – medium sized head and short to medium length hair. If your hair is considerably thick we would advise sizing up.

M/L: Will suit you if you have a medium – large sized head and/or long hair and/or thick hair.

If you are unsure with which size you should go with, we would recommend going larger to be on the safe side.

Your silky package will include:

100% mulberry silk 19 momme grade (6A grade) silk sleeping cap, with adjustable tie at the back.

How to care for your silk sleeping cap:

You can machine wash your silk sleeping cap on a cold cycle with ph neutral detergent, or detergent specifically designed for washing silk. Try to use a wash bag so that your cap doesn’t get caught on any other items in the wash. You can also opt to hand wash your silk sleeping cap.



Are silk caps beneficial for extensions?

Wearing our silk cap will prevent your hair from getting tugged and tangled throughout the night. This may help alleviate some of the pressure on the extension bonds and will also reduce the need to brush knotted hair; helping prolong the life of your extensions. The silk cap will also help with the appearance of your extension as it helps prevent frizz, kinks and bed hair.

Can I sleep with my silk pillowcase/ cap with wet hair?

Both our silk caps and pillowcases should be used with dry hair.

Using hair products and sleeping with a silk cap or silk pillowcase is fine if you allow the products to dry before you go to bed. However, the silk cap nourishes your hair with your natural hair oils, so it may not be necessary to put many products on your hair.Can I use hair products when using a silk cap or silk pillowcase?

What is the silk cap made out of?

All of our silk products are made of 100% pure mulberry silk, the highest quality silk you can buy.

When shouldn’t I use my silk cap?

The only time we do not recommend wearing your Silk Cap is if you have applied a overnight conditioning product. Depending on what the product is, it may damage the silk.
If you have only applied a small amount of a wet or oily product, you can still wear your Silk Cap. However, please allow reasonable time for it to dry before putting your Silk Cap on to prevent damage to the cap.

When will I see benefits from using my silk cap or pillowcase?

You can expect to see results after one day or up to 1-2 weeks depending on your unique hair type. Some of the benefits will also come quicker than others, such as frizz reduction and hairstyle protection.

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